Vice President

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VP of Finance

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VP of Communication

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VP of Public Relations

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CBA Senator

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CBA Senator

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VP of Administration

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VP of Student Services

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PBC Chair

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MIE Chair

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Name: Noel Padilla

Year: Senior

Email:  president.absoc@gmail.com








Name: Veronica Aguilar

Year: Senior

Email: vice.president.absoc@gmail.com









Name: Leo 

Year: Senior

Email: finance.absoc@gmail.com










Name: Ruben Jimenez

Year: Senior

Email: communication.absoc@gmail.com









Name: Gerry Rodriguez

Year: Senior

Email: public.relations.absoc@gmail.com









Name: Leslie Garcia

Year: Junior










Name: Rainbow Sun

Year: Junior










Name: Maria Nguyen

Year: Senior

Email: csulb.cba.absoc@gmail.com









Name: Kari Padilla

Year: Senior

Email: student.services.absoc@gmail.com











Name: Karina Armenta











Name: Ivy Luong